Armor Coated Master Alloy Seamless Siding

Put away your scraper and paintbrush forever.

Spend your precious free time enjoying your family and your home, not maintaining it.
Add beauty and lasting value to your home with
Cranmer’s Seamless Siding.

Life Time Guarantee!!!

Stronger & Lighter than Steel Siding.

How does Master Alloy Aluminum siding compare with steel siding?


Master Alloy Aluminum does share some common benefits with steel siding. 

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  • ​Fire ResistantWith our increasing fire dangers, Master Alloy Seamless Siding is a good choice to protect your home.  While most materials cannot be considered “fire proof”, our Mater Alloy Seamless Siding offers a good barrier of fire resistance in our climate.
  • Fade ResistantMaster Alloy Seamless Siding has a proprietary resin baked in the paint with UV inhibitors, making it fade resistant to the elements.  You’ll never have to paint again!
  • Mildew ResistantThere is no moisture that can penetrate into the Armor Coat of Master Alloy Seamless Siding. 
  • NO SEAMS (always with Master Alloy, sometimes with steel)
  • Lifetime WarrantyONE Warranty covers ALL.
  • Withstands Severe Temperatures
  • Won’t Rot, Peel, Chip, Blister, Curl



1.  Master Alloy is considerably stronger (46%) than steel while maintaining flexibility.  Master Alloy siding at .032″ is more than 75% thicker than the 29 gauge (.014″) thickness of steel.  The more flexibleMaster Alloy aluminum allows flex under impact giving it superior dent resistance to hail.

2.  Master Alloy cannot rust or corrode like steel siding can.

How does Master Alloy Aluminum compare with vinyl siding?

Master Alloy does share some common benefits with vinyl siding:

  • Termite Resistant
  • Rot Resistant
  • Rust Resistant
  • Less costly than steel



1.  Fade Resistance:  Vinyl is known to fade, especially with our Missouri sun

2.  Durability:  Vinyl gets brittle, especially in cold weather, because it’s plastic.

3.  Fire Resistance:  Vinyl virtually has none. It’s Flashpoint is around 165 degrees.  (Master Alloy is known to withstand heat around 1500 degrees)

4.  Vinyl expands and contracts excessively causing gaps and buckles.  (Master Alloy, because of it’s minimal expansion, it’s clip system technology and that IT’S SEAMLESS,……. It’s never a problem!)

Seamless Installation

Manufactured to any length on-site and custom-fit to the home, our seamless siding will always have that smooth, beautiful look, free from splices and ugly seams. If the ever-increasing expense of heating and cooling are of concern, the homeowner has the option of adding a layer of insulation under the siding.

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